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All the rave about mirrored sunnies

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My newest obsessions with rain coats


In England, you always have to be rain ready. So of course, when I got here I had a little umbrella that I always carried in my bag. But the fact of it been little became a big problem.

Sure it was great because I could fit it in my bag, but after a few storms and me ending soaking (wet except for my hair), I came to a conclusion to get a rain coat.

For some of you guys that know me I am quite a city girl, and I would never in a million years have thought of wearing a rain coat. It is a piece that doesn’t come to mind as fashionable.

But after a thorough research in shops I found this lovely rain coat, which now has saved my clothes and me from the crazy english weather.

What is super nice is that you can fold it in a little satchel and you are ready to go!

I also love this other options of raincoats with bold graphics (here and here), bright colors (here) and see-through (here and here)styles.

In this look:

Raincoat: Paqme

Bag: Üterque

Blouse: Zara

Sungalsses: Parfois

Hope you guys like it. Please comment if you think raincoats are a yay or nay 🙂


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